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Sunday, January 1, 2023

Happy New Year and Straight Key Night from HI7/N2CQR

HNY from HI7!  In keeping with SolderSmoke tradition, I recorded the above greeting.  If you look over my right shoulder, or in the picture below, you can see the apartment building we will be moving into (at least for the winter months) later this year.  There will be a small shack on the top level.  And yes, a telescope.  

This morning I fired up the uBITX on 20 CW and made two Straight Key Night contacts.  My key is the straightest of the straight --  a homewbrew thing made from an old hack-saw blade,  copper tape, brass screws, scrap wood, and duct tape.  Picture below.  

73 to all!  HNY and good luck in 2023!  


  1. Best wishes from The Netherlands.

    That there may be a lot of (save) soldersmoke and diy in 2023.

    73 Lex PH2LB

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  3. That straight key reminds me of one I made in 1966. I was eight or nine years old, and I had just watched an episode of Tennessee Tuxedo in which Mr. Woopie had explained telegraphy. I made a combination sounder and key with a piece of 1x4, a nail-cored electromagnet, and strips cut from a Chef Boyardee can. My Dad contributed Fahnestock clips. It worked! I made another one and ran bell wire between the garden shed and the sandbox. It was very cool, and to this day the very sight of short lengths of 1x4 brings back the magic. I still save them. Going on sixty-years later, though, I prefer a paddle and auto-keyer.

  4. Very cool Todd. But remember: Simplicity is a virtue. 73 Bill

  5. Alas, my problem (and that of those who struggle to copy my crappy code) is that I'm not good with a straight key. I need the training wheels afforded by keyers. I've got a J-38 knock-off, but I keep it on my Shelf-of-Shame.

  6. Hello, wish you a happy new year;)

  7. Happy new year to you Bill and Pete and your families. Keep up the good homebrewing work and the great inspirational podcasts. You've reminded me to practice my Morse! 73, from UK John, M5AML


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