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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Rick N3FJZ Builds the Mixer for the High School Direct Conversion Receiver

Wonderful progress from Rick N3FJZ.   Having completed the PTO,  Rick went on to build the diode ring mixer and diplexer.  (See video above.)  He then connected these to boards to a band pass filter and an AF amp from previous project.  And wow, the resulting receiver sounds really great!  I think it sounds better than the ones Dean and I have built.  

-- It will be interesting to see how Rick's receiver sounds with the very simple AF amplifier that we are using.  

-- We need to get Rick a coil form for the PTO variable inductor! And getting him the PTO form will allow him to dispense with the varactor circuit (which, I must say, is pretty cool). 

-- In the PTO, for the coupling capacitor (C15) , I now have a 260 pF NP0 cap.  But your .1 uF ceramic disc seems to be doing just fin.  So maybe we don't need the NP0. 

-- I'm glad that Rick grounded the brass screw.  Without that, the hand capacitance effect is bad. 

-- I think results will be much the same with the dual tuned circuit bandpass filter that we use.   But it will be interesting to see if Rick's triple tuned circuit helps with AM breakthrough (I think I heard Radio Marti when Rick tuned to the top of the band). 

-- I haven't had a hum problem and I don't think Dean has either.   Dean is running his on two 9V batteries.  Maybe that would take care of the hum.  Our PTOs are completely Al Fresco! 

-- The Traders Net sounds like fun!  

Thanks Rick!  73 

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