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Sunday, January 15, 2023

Working Vienna Wireless Society member (KA4CDN) from Hispaniola

We'll be heading back to the States soon and I was feeling guilty about 
not having worked anyone from my home club (the Vienna Wireless Society). 
On Wednesday night I Zoomed in to the club's Maker group -- this made me want 
to make at least one contact with the club.  Plus Walter KA4KXX  in Orlando has 
been trying to set up a sked on 20... This morning I saw that the SFI was up above 200. 
I lengthened the dipole so it would resonate on 20 meters (on this trip it started on 20, went to 17, back to 20, down to 10 and now, back to 20!). I worked one station on SSB, then sent a text to the club's DX spotter group, saying that I would be calling CQ on 14.060 MHz.   Soon I got a call from club member (and Maker) Mike KA4CDN.  We had a nice QSO.  Thanks Mike (video of our QSO above). I will try with Walter tomorrow.  


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