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Saturday, January 21, 2023


My fellow Vienna Wireless Society Member Ron WA6YOU is a real expert collector of QSL cards.  He was rightly critical of a very crude homebrew QSL that I made a while ago.   So when I got back from the Dominican Republic I decided I had to clean up my act.  Some Googling, some printer ink, and some cardstock later, I came up with the above.   I kind of like it -- it looks better (believe me!) than my earlier effort, but it retains an element of homebrew (I kind of made it myself).  

The picture is of Juanillo Beach, the beach we use when in Cap Cana.  This one was filled out for Mike KA4CDN, who was the only Vienna Wireless Society member I contacted from HI7.  

I made about 38 contacts from HI7.  If anyone out there worked me and wants a card, my printer is at the ready!  

To make the card, I used:  https://www.radioqth.net/qslcards


  1. Sorry Bill, it's just my nature ... this is 20 meters ...


  2. A very-nice, mostly-diy QSL card. I'm inspired now to do my own. Maybe glacier-capped Mt. Hood in the background and huge banana slugs in the damp foreground. Perhaps scented with patchouli oil or cannabis.


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