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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Hugo Gernsback -- Was he Like Wayne Green?

"The Electrical Experimenter" sent to me by Nick M0NTV reminded me of Hugo Gernsback.  Many of the radio books I have on my shelf have his name on them.  He played a big role in early radio and television, and in science fiction. Check out the Wikipedia article on Gernsback:  

I see similarities between Hugo Gernsback and Wayne Green.  What do you guys think?   

Gernsback's TV goggles in 1963 

That's Gernsback watching TV in 1928


  1. Wayne lived in a much more practical time.
    Gernsback had to guess at so many things.

    Wayne Green is more like John W. Campbell. Both had long editorials that often weren't related to the magazine contents.

    John wrote some articles for Wayne, in CQ and 73. "How to be an Amateur" from about 1961 is still goid. He wrote about sensitive oscilloscopes that used no preamps in late fifties CQ. Based on a visit to Bell Labs.

  2. Green seemed to follow Gernsback's practice of not paying authors. While not being involved in as many as Gernsback was, Green was involved in many different tech publications. Gernsback had TV; Green had computers.

  3. I see some similarities. They were both kinda eclectic. Hugo even published this sort of stuff : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexology_(magazine)

  4. Hah! I'll have to admit that I was paid modestly for a few translations of articles from Japanese ham magazines. And I got a complimentary subscription to the Japanese magazines CQ Ham Radio and Ham Journal for a while. Visited with Hamada, the editor in Tokyo once too.

    I did notice over the years editors at 73 turned over quickly. Perhaps they were starving!

    Certainly, Wayne Green had an ego -- I imagine that for people to go out on their own and accomplish some of the entrepreneurial feats he did (such as Byte, a great magazine for awhile with fine tech articles until product reviews took it over almost completely) -- maybe some people are born with a congenital flameproof suit.

  5. Ah! Great to hear from my fellow 73 Magazine "Hambassador." Dave was on Okinawa while I was on Hispaniola! There were several aspects of Gernsback's approach to work that reminded me of Green's, none more than his approach to paying authors. In my experience 73 magazine would promise to pay, then would publish, then would not pay unless you wrote to them and complained. A lot. 73 Dave


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