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Thursday, January 26, 2023

"The Electrical Experimenter" -- A Treasure Trove of Inspiration

Oh this is really phenomenal.  Nick "the Vic"  M0NTV is on the mend from some routine surgery.  While mending he found this 1915 issue of Hugo Gernsback's "The Electrical Experimenter."  I just spent a few minutes quickly going through it and I can see that this is a treasure trove that could keep us -- the modern day electrical experimenters -- busy for a long time.  

-- We see Signor Marconi in Italian military uniform (I never saw that before).  

-- There is mention of successful DX reception of the station in Arlington Va. (just down the road from me).  

-- There is a an article about the radio station of T.O.M -- Hiram Percy Maxim.  

-- There are detailed maps of Mars, complete with the canals. 

And there is a lot more.  

Above all, I think what stands out from this magazine is the homebrew spirit,  the notion that we can and should build our rigs ourselves, and seek to understand them. 

Below is the whole magazine.  Please take a look and use the comment section below to point us to passages of interest to the electrical experimenters of today.  

Thanks Nick.  Your e-mail came during a discouraging period filled with a few "tales of woe."  The magazine really lifted my spirits.  

Here it is: 



  1. Fine business! Page 261 also mentions receipt of time signals sent from Arlington, probably the Navy station NAA.
    Roy WN3F

  2. You can find more of this magazine (and lots more) on the great site of World Radio History. Previously known as American Radio History. Not sure how links are accepted here but just type it in as one word and don't forget the dot com. Please have plenty of time set aside for this rabbit hole.

  3. Amazining what can be done with electricity. Can't wait until we get it in our area. HI HI HI


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