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Monday, March 27, 2017

A Slovakian Al-Fresco Digi-Tia Homebrewed In France (and an improved AD9850 VFO)

Hello Bill and Pete,

Thanks for the podcast! My normal occupation is more computers and
software but your podcast got me motivated to melt some solder. So I
want to share a bit of what has been cooking on my bench.

I used to have a Yaesu FT-450 but sold it - I am living in a tiny rental
apartment in France without any place where to put a proper antenna so
it was only collecting dust. And where is the fun in operating a
factory-made rig, right?

So I have been working on this instead:


This "al fresco" rig is "half-DigiTIA". Half because there is no
transmitter part (I don't have a French license and I am too lazy to do
the paperwork and convert my Slovak one).  The purple modules are TIAs,
as designed by Wes Hayward, using 3x 2n3904s, only built using SMD
components to keep them small and tidy.

VFO & BFO are Si5351 + ATMega328, with an OLED module and code adapted
from Pete N6QW. It uses 11.997450 MHz IF because that's where most of my

12MHz crystals actually matched.

The 40m bandpass filter is taken verbatim from the BitX 40 design - I
have only changed the coils to use toroids instead.

For audio I have used LM386 with a NE5532 opamp as a low noise preamp
because the audio was a bit low. The TIAs don't have a lot of gain and I
have only an indoor magnetic loop for antenna so had to compensate for it.

I have another, a bit older project that became quite popular - firmware
for the AD9850 DDS VFOs using an Arduino and a character LCD. It is a
much improved replacement for the one from Richard, AD7C.


Perhaps it could be useful to someone.

Keep up the good work and 73!

Jan OM2ATC (at the moment "in exile" in France)

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