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Monday, March 20, 2017

Homebrew Canoe (video) (beautiful)

I post this because it is nice to occasionally look up from our soldering irons and take a look at what other people are building.  This video is really beautiful.   


  1. Work of art isn't it. I used to build remote controlled balsa hulled racing sail boats about 1.2m long using the strip method. Watching the video brought back some memories.

  2. Actually, it's just getting high travel.

    The better story is that people in the Pacific Northwest are getting back to making traditional canoes. But since it's out of the "Maker" universe, it doesn't count.

    Just a couple of weeks go I read that the Okanagans gave a couple of tree trunks to another people, who are making two canoes, one with power tools, the other with traditional tools. These are dugout canoes.

    But other peoples have been doing this in recent years. And ten thy use them, on the Columbia or in the ocean, another revitalization is visiting each other by water, and the making of traditional canoes s part of that.

    This is the failure if the internet. It's not new stories being told, the same people missing from old media are missing from the mainstream places on the internet. And instead of seeking out missing stories, the same stories get passed around (this is now the third place I've seen this story repeated), as if the initial telling wasn't good enough. Another way to look at it is that the story's real value is how well it's travelled or how it's carried, rather than the value of what's being said.

    I saw a great story a few years ago about a woman who had learned to make traditional saddles by taking one apart. And then she added "and by making mistakes". For all the trendy overuse of the word "hacking", here was a woman actually doing it, learning through experience. But it didn't get high travel, either because it was about saddles, or more likely because she was a native.


    1. C'mon Michael. It's just a video about a guy making a canoe. I thought it was nice.

  3. After watching this I found a clip of a show called: Earl's Canoe - an excellent program which I've seen on Wisconsin Public TV detailing the building of a birch canoe. Then I saw a video of the fellow from Parks and Rec. doing the cedar strip plank thing from a kit. Down yet another rabbit hole - thanks Bill !

    Chuck, WB9KZY


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