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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Pete's 60 Meter DifX

Oh man, run -- don't walk -- to the N6QW blog and check out Pete's amazing 60 meter DIFX transceiver.  DifX is another N6QW contribution to the lexicon: it refers to a transceiver that has an architecture DifFERENT from that of our beloved BITXs.  Pete means no disrespect to the BITX -- he just sees the value in sometimes doing something different.  I understand this completely -- I myself am on my FIFTH BITX   (three scratch-built and two modules) and definitely felt the need to do something different. (That's why I built the OLED NE602 rig.)  

Once again Pete Juliano shows himself to be a man ahead of his time: Anticipating FCC approval of a VFO tune-able segment in the band, Pete has made Channel 3 on his rig tunable with a rotary encoder.  Hopefully, we will all soon need this.  Pete is already there. FB OM.

My reaction to 60 meters has been very similar to Pete's.  We will talk about this on the next podcast (this Saturday).  

Pete's blog has a great description of the new rig, complete with a really nice video.  Check it out:


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