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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Channelized! BITX 60 with the Five Channels (with video)

Here's an update on my BITX 60 project.  The modified module is in the lower box.  An Arduino Uno and an Si5351 (this one with unreleased smoke) is in the Heath QF-1 box on the top.  I am using an Arduino sketch written by Don ND6T. It spits out the needed 17 MHz LO freq needed for each of the five 60 meter channels. You can scroll through the channels by just holding down the rotary switch interrupt button.

There is a move afoot to liberate from channelization about 15 kHz of the 60 meter band. When that happens, I'm ready to go -- I'll just reconnect the rotary encoder for the Si5351 and load some new code.  I suspect that by the time that happens, Don will have modified his code so that the 15kHz "tunable" segment will be integrated into the current program and will appear as one of the options as you scroll through the choices. 

For reasons that most readers will understand, I have resisted channelization for many years.  But here I am, channelized on 60.  It is not so bad.  I'm having fun listening to a new band, using a modified BITX, an Arduino, a bit of Heathkit and code from a fellow ham.   

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