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Sunday, March 26, 2017

An Si5351 Ham Sandwich from China (with video)

Ernesto Marquez alerted me to the offerings of CRKITS -- Chinese Radio Kits:
http://crkits.com/  Their Si5351-Arduino Pro Mini "sandwich" is quite interesting.  Here is a video on the device:

I must say, that nice little sandwich seems to be crying out for an organic slice of OLED.... How about it Adam?

While there is, of course, an enormous amount of electronics coming out of China,  I haven't seen much that comes from actual Chinese radio amateurs.  But CRKITS is the work of a real Chinese ham.   Adam Rong (Rong Xinhua) BD6CR seems like a very interesting fellow. From qsl.net:

About BD6CR/4

Adam Rong (Chinese name: Rong Xinhua), BD6CR/4 was first licensed in 1996 while in university in Hefei, Anhui province and now holds Class 2 Chinese amateur radio license (FCC Amateur General license equivalent). After graduation from university, he moved to Shanghai and call sign changed to BD6CR/4 in July 2003. Adam is now living in Pudong new district with his XYL and their son.
Adam holds a Master of Engineering degree in computer architecture and is an Engineering Program Manager in computer hardware industry. In spare time, Adam has written a lot about ham radio for magazines and papers, mainly about QRP, homebrew projects, APRS (Automatic Packet / Position Reporting System) and ham radio software applications. Adam has also translated two ARRL's books into Chinese for Post and Telecom Press in China, including part of the ARRL Handbook and ARRL's Low Power Communication: The Art and Science of QRP by Rich Arland, K7SZ.
You can contact Adam by email, or track Adam's real time position on Google map by clicking this link.

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