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Saturday, March 25, 2017

N8NM's SR-16 Hallicrafters Tribute RIg

Bill,  Pete:

The rig is loosely based on the Hallicrafters SR-160 transceiver, since I'm using a RD16HHF1 in the final RF, I'm calling it the SR-16.   It's a tri-band rig covering 80, 40 and 20m.  Architectually, it's similar to Pete's JBOM, which is partially coincidental (thanks for sharing the article, Pete!)  The heart of the rig is the W7ZOI hybrid-cascode IF, a really slick circuit that really makes the rig a joy to use. 
Frequency generation is handled by the ubiquitous Arduino/Si5351 combo and a sketch based on Tom, AK2B's "Multi Function VFO", to which I added functions for selecting the appropriate bandpass and IF filters, generating CW, RIT, and dual VFOs (with split functionality), the state of which is saved in EEPROM when the rig is powered-down.
The rig's just about finished - I've got the remaining parts ordered and hope to have it on-the-air soon.
73! - Steve N8NM

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