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Thursday, March 16, 2017

BITX 60 (with three short videos)

Inspired by Don ND6T, I decided to put a BITX40 Module on the 60 Meter band.  All you really have to do is modify the bandpass filter.  Don showed us how to do this by simply adding three 100pf caps.  I was going to order SMD caps, but this just didn't seem right -- I found three of the old "with wires" kind and easily soldered them into position.  The bandpass shifted as Don had promised.

You also have to change the VFO freq.  You need it to be in the 17.3 MHz range. Don has a nifty program for the Raduino that also works with the Si5351/Ardunio Uno combo that I use.  It keeps you on the five channels currently authorized on 60. Unfortunately I managed to let the smoke out of yet another innocent Si5351 breakout board.  Amazon and Lady Ada are sending me another one, but in the meantime I pressed into service an old AD9850 DDS. I had a little trouble getting the 17MHz signal through the BITX's VFO 4 MHz VFO system, but I eventually figured it out. (More on this later.)  

The receiver is working nicely.  I like the relaxed 60 meter conversations. 

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