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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

For Pi Day (3.14) - Looking Back on 5 years of Raspberry Pi Tinkering

Not by me, thank God! No, the five years of Rasp Pi maso-tinkering were done by Thorin Klowsowski.  His report appears here:


In the second and third paragraph, he confirmed all my suspicions:

The Raspberry Pi is far, far away from being as user friendly as a PC or Mac. That’s a feature, not a bug... Before hobbyists latched onto the Raspberry Pi, it was a computer for learning how to code targeted mainly at kids. Since then, the appeal has broadened, but it’s still impossible for a project to “just work” out of the box. You will have to tweak something, dig into the command line, or spend a few hours buried in an obscure internet forum to find solutions to problems that only you seem to be having. You will slam your head against the wall, yell a little, and throw your Raspberry Pi at least once for every project you attempt to make.

I told you so. 


  1. Not much different than your homebrew projects, many don't work until you spend a few hours buried in an obscure internet forum to find solutions to problems. I am enjoying my RPi 3, had it for a few days now. Trying to get my RTL-SDR dongle working with it.

    Ed KC8SBV

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  3. If you're interested, the Pi just became the 3rd biggest selling general purpose computer, just passing the Commodore 64.


    The Commodore C64 took 11 years to sell 12.5 million units.
    Pi (cumulatively all models, but 3B is already 30% of the total) did it in about 5 (Spring 2012 to Spring 2017). Yeah, they fudge a tiny bit by combining models, but... it's still an AMAZING feat.


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