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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Alan W2AEW Hears me on 40 AM with his Drake 2B

Alan W2AEW writes: 

How appropriate! I was casually listening to 40m AM on my refurbished Drake 2B, and I hear the rotation get passed along to none-other than N2CQR - the man that got me excited about the 2B in the first place. FB 20 over signal in NJ, OM! I was able to grab the video camera quickly before you signed off.  Alan's video appears above.

Alan W2AEW
Holy cow Alan,  THE RADIO GODS HAVE SPOKEN!  Clearly you need to get on 40 meter AM.  Maybe get a DX-60 or something.   In your video I spotted several items in your shack that are also in mine:  in addition to the 2B, I see  a Turner +2 transistorized microphone, and that little (very useful) RadioShack speaker. Glad you heard me OM -- thanks for the recording!
73 Bill

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