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Monday, December 28, 2015

First Contact on 160 Meters

Hooray!  After 42 years on the ham bands I have finally made a contact on 160 meters.  And it was on AM, using John Zaruba's DX-100.  My antenna is the 185 foot wire that I mentioned in yesterday's post.  I built an L network using a roller inductor and a bread-slicer cap -- the network is at the base of the antenna.  Before dawn this morning I threw my call into a round-table on 1885 kc.  Pete WA1SOV up in Connecticut heard me and we had a short contact. Hooray! 

I hope this puts some pressure on Steve Silverman and Pete Juliano -- they have sworn A SOLEMN OATH to get on top band.  I'm especially worried about Pete's adherence to this pledge -- he seems to be going a bit wobbly on us, playing with Raspberry Pi's and things like that.  C'mon guys!  Top Band awaits!

My antenna needs improvement.  More radials might help. 

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