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Thursday, December 10, 2015

YS1RS's Salvadoran Tuna Tin and Drake 2B

Roberto YS1RS recently acquired a Drake 2-B and has some minor tech troubles.   I am sure Alan Wolke will come up with the proper diagnosis. (The receiver works fine on the standard bands, but not on the accessory bands.  He can hear the crystal oscillator working fine on the crystal frequencies, but the radio is for some reason deaf on all the accessory bands.)  

Above you can see Roberto's Salvadoran Tuna Tin. 

 Roberto Describes it: "Homebrew: The Tuna Tin 2 QRPp Transmitter (TT2) with 300 mW output power, 14.060 MHz (20 meters band), Crystal controlled, 13 Volts, CW-Only. As its name implies, its main chassis is a Tuna Tin Can.  In our case, it is a delicious and exotic Salvadorian made tuna in chunks, topped with JalapeƱo Chile. "

Check out Roberto's QRZ.com page:

Roberto has an amazing collection of gear, much of it thermatron, some of it homebrew.  And he has only been on the air five years.  He is a true member of the International Brotherhood of Electronic Wizards.  His work takes him to some of the most difficult places in the world.  FB Roberto! 

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