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Sunday, December 20, 2015

SolderSmoke Podcast #183 Pete's B'day, Simple-Ceivers, Binaural Bliss, 160 or Bust, GOOD BEHAVIOR, MAILBAG

Bill's Frankenstein R2 receives 7 MHz signal and generates I and Q outputs

SolderSmoke Podcast #183 is available. And it is GOOD!


20 December 2015

-- Foxes in the Backyard
-- Pete completes another orbit
-- Simple-ceiver Success!
-- Frankenstein Receiver: IT IS ALIVE!  AND BINAURAL!!!
-- 160 Meter AM OR BUST!
-- Fun on 40 AM -- Lots of Multi Elmac AF-67s!  Who knew!
-- The Amateur's Code, and violations thereof.
-- Negative Frequencies? I don't think so.
-- Capacitor Offer from our Secret Benefactor: EXPANDED ELIGIBILITY
-- Projects for 2016: Pete goes Raspberry Pi, Bill goes DX-100
-- Croation Creation
-- Salvadoran 2B
-- N3FJZ's Homebrew QSL
-- WA7HRG's LBS-ZIA-Simple-Ceiver Mashup Rig
-- KC0IZR turning VCRs into Mighty Mites in NOVA
-- AB1YK Starting with DC RX, going BITX
-- G8GNR puts Mighty Mite on AM!
-- G3ZPF Modulates THE SUN (Amazing)
-- VK3YE's Simple Superhet
-- Grayson in Turkey drools over KG7TR's Octalmania
-- N7REP reaches for the Zantac because of Arduinos and Surface Mount


  1. perfect ....Bill and Pete ,i enjoyed listening to you ..big 73 for all homebrewers on the world.9a3xz,Mikele

  2. Happy B-day, Pete!


    Randy AB5NI

  3. Many Happy Returns, Pete !
    wonder how many new designs would be out in the newly started orbit. wish Good health and happiness, Pete.

    Sarma VU3ZMV

  4. Almost like listening to Car Talk... informative but also funny.
    Pete has the same laugh and sound as Click and/or Clack (Tom, Ray Magliozzi) AND both CT and SSB have a "Shameless Commerce" division !


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