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Sunday, December 13, 2015

N3FJZ's New Blog and Impressive Rigs (and a Bandscan!)

Rick N3FJZ and his Lakeside direct conversion receiver bolstered my spirits when I was getting some harshly critical reviews of my signal on 40 meters a while back.  Rick happened to pick me up with his homebrew receiver. The Radio Gods seemed to be trying to balance things out.  There is a LOT of radio mojo in Rick's Lakeside receiver.  Not only does it eschew digital synthesis of the VFO signal, it goes a step further and uses a permeability tuned oscillator -- very cool.  The component and material sourcing adds more luster to the rig.  Rick writes: "A lot of the components used to construct the LS-40 were harvested from discarded consumer electronics I collected back in the 1980's. The base substrate material for the Manhattan style construction, as well as the RF tight enclosure for the PTO, is made from a flattened out tin plated food can. All components are discrete; i.e. no IC's or CPU's."

Rick has launched a blog.  He has some amazing stuff on it.  Be sure to check out his ZX-SSB rig.  Amazingly detailed documentation Rick!  Thanks. 

Find Rick's Blog here:

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