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Friday, December 4, 2015

The Pleasures of AM, and The 807 (Truly a Bottle Worthy of the Gods)

Sometimes a message posted in the comments section of the blog is so good that it needs to be raised up and converted into a posting all its own.  Such is the case with a message that Rupert G6HVY sent us last month about AM and old rigs.  60 meters eh? Hmmm...

Rupert wrote:

It's always a pleasure to listen to AM QSOs, which hereabouts seem to be mostly on 80 and 60. I bought an FM board for my FT-101ZD with the intention of getting some 10m action, but now I think I'll leave the AM board in (you can't have both) for when I get the beast out of storage. AM, even AM that hasn't been optimised for beautiful audio, sounds so much nicer than SSB.

The other side of AM is to get old military rigs up and running, which is quite the opposite to the golden voice crowd. Another project waiting for time and energy here is an RCA-built Wireless Sets Number 19, which can put out ten watts or so of AM from its 807 (truly a bottle worthy of the gods) - and of course, there are infinite numbers of 50s and 60s vintage thermionic projects in the contemporary magazines. It would be particularly satisfying to find the original PSU for that, as it has two Dynamotors to convert the 24V DC supply to HT, with the transmitter one cutting in when the PTT (sorry, pressel switch) is hit. I say cutting, it actually runs up to speed over a couple of seconds, giving an original 19 Set a very distinctive slow fade-in at the start of an over. Hearing one of those crackling away on 5 MHz is utterly delicious.

Rupert, G6HVY

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  1. You may be interested in this video which contains footage of two model 19's in action, complete with dynamotors. Model 19 starts at about four min in. Dave https://youtu.be/7tBgoqlQyAM


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