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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

WA7HRG's LBS-ZIA-Simple-Ceiver Project

Wow Pete! 

Thanks for the GREAT info. Can't wait to try things out. One day soon (Christmas is coming) I will have a new computer and can start learning LTSpice.

Great tribal knowledge on the over all gain adjustments as well. And I won't tell the illuminati😄.
As for your articles, blogs, tribal knowledge and pot casts with Bill.  Love them. Listen and read everyone. Print and file for later. Mostly because I can't keep up with you on all the great projects.

But in the sprit of home brew and not just stuffing boards or following explicit directions I have built the LBS with my own mods.

1. It's dual band.  Almost. 40&20 LPF and BPF already in. 5watt tx works great but plan on putting in about 40 watts them getting around to making the dual band changes to the sketch and finishing things. I used my own audio amp design. Well not all mine. Manufacture spec sheet and Internet info and LBS. Your preamp, a NTE1288 10 watt audio IC.
Attached are pix of the LBS so far.

The current rig will be 20 meters only for digital modes. It will have a built in audio interface and thinking about including raspberry pi and TFT screen. But that's got to be down the road.
It's a hybrid again. Parts of LBS and ZIA and parts of Simpleceiver. I already had the ZIA IFs built so will have to try the dual FET on the next rig. Modified the audio again. Put in an FET AGC between the preamp and the final IC. About 40 dB dynamic range so should cut down on the vol control twisting when listening to a QSO with one strong and one weak station. So far this build consists of a box of tested modules that have not been hooked together yet. Your FET RF amp will the next board.

Also working on an Arduino Lightning detector with 5115 display. Almost got that one....   Have built couple prices of test equipment. A xtal osc with onboard freq counter and an LCR Transistor tester.

Oh and lets not forget the MMM on 3.58!

I personally know one other ham building a LBS. So don't think your talking into outer space. We are out here listening!  And learning!  And having a great time.

And yes, when I catch up on projects, I'm going to build the actual Simpleceiver.

Thanks again for the fast response. I'll let you know how it turns out.


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