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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Jean Shepherd's call signs, a QSL card, and much more

I was listening to 160 meter AM yesterday  afternoon when I heard a familiar call:  K2ORS.   I knew that someone else had picked up Jean Shepherd's last callsign, so I knew that I was not listening to a CQ from the great beyond.   Turns out that K2ORS is now OM Warren Ziegler up in Massachussets. Warren is active on HF and 160 and also works with experimental low frequency transmitters.  He is a big fan of Shep.  I think Shep would be pleased that someone who melts solder has his old call.

Searching for Warren on QRZ.com led me to a site with an amazing amount of info about Shep, his callsigns, and his early days in ham radio:

We talk about Shep quite a bit on this blog.  Here are all the Shep blog posts:

Shep said that when, as a teenager, he got his ham radio license, he was so proud that he went around thinking of himseld as "W9QWN, a man of substance."  Indeed he was.



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  1. Seltzer bottle, you fathead!

    73 de W2SG (who wrote most of the info about K2ORS on Flick Lives).


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