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Monday, January 25, 2016

1936 Shortwave Listener QSL card

I found this today while rummaging around in the shack.  It is starting to fall apart so I figured I better digitize it before it turns into dust.

July 24, 1936.  7 am in Central Germany.  29.0 degrees Centigrade.  Clear skies?  German Shortwave Receiving Station DE 2518/F monitored W5AIR's contact with Irish station EI7F on 20 meter CW. The receiver was an OV2 Schnell tube (almost certainly a regen) fed by a 38.5 meter long antenna.  

Conditions must have been pretty good -- they were approaching the peak of sunspot cycle 17.

In 1954 W5AIR was assigned to Garold D. Sears.  He was probably the operator.

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