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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Some Inspiring Phasing Philosophy from KK7B

KK7B holding his original Mini-R2

Rick Campbell KK7B concludes Chapter 9 of "Experimental Methods in RF Design" with these inspiring words:

"An amateur who has built up a phasing receiver, looked at the I and Q channels on a dual trace oscilloscope, and tweaked the phase and amplitude adjustments while listening to an opposite sideband signal drop into the noise acquires a depth of understanding far beyond that of most wireless graduate students and many of their professors. The best part is that understanding of phasing systems comes from experimenting with simple circuits and thinking -- the tinkering comes first -- then the understanding. In this area the amateur with his simple workbench; primitive test equipment; and time to contemplate, has a profound advantage over the engineering student with a computerized bench and exam next week, and the professional engineer with a million-dollar lab and a technician to run it."

N2CQR Frankenstein R2 showing I and Q audio outputs
(No exam next week for me!)

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