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Friday, January 8, 2016

N8NM: Thermatron Meets Silicon (Part II or III)

Steve N8NM has been pushing the limits of radio hybridization.  In this receiver he has 12AX7 thermatrons running alongside an Arduino and a Si5351.  Somehow I find this both very appealing and deeply disturbing.  Many of you will know what I mean. But FB Steve -- keep them coming.  Put these unique rigs on the air and strike a blow against the Yaesu-Icom-Kenwood monotony!   


Here's a pic of a Thermatron-Meets-Silicon receiver that I've been working on.  Tubes are 12AT7 mixer, 2x6BA6 IF amps, 2x12AX7 (product detector, AGC amp and 1st AF) and 6AQ5 audio out.  An Arduino controlled Si5351 provides the LO and BFO as well as handling all of the switching, and the mixer and product detector use variations on Dr. Pullen's dual-triode circuit.  I've had this one on the air, but the hardware and software still need some, um, refinement.  And painting the panel has to wait until spring as my XYL doesn't share my affinity for paint fumes.

73 - Steve

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