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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

N6ORS's Min-X Crosses the Pond on First Contact

Very cool!  Reports on new phone rigs keep coming in.  It is great to see them in their "still out on the bench" condition.  And reports of the first contacts are always exciting.  I like the MIN-X name.  This is indeed another testament to the contributions made to the radio art by our friend Farhan.   

Hello Bill,

Well I  just finished tweaking my new rig, I named it Min-X because I outright stole bits and piecesof the BITX and the Minima, thanks Ashhar. I made my first contact today and what a contact!

The contact was made with the rig as shown. The amp is a home brew FET push-pull.
I had a chat with Beth MW0VOW in South Wales! From Wisconsin to Wales on 15w PEP.
Oh, most of the rig was 'noodled' and constructed while enjoying you and Pete on the
SolderSmoke podcast.

Best 73,
Keith N6ORS


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