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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Listen to My R2 Phasing Receiver (formerly known as "The Frankenstein" )

I really like this receiver.  Thanks to all who helped. 


  1. How about a really nice valve transmitter to go with it? No shortage of valves now Bill!

  2. Wow, what a great sounding rig! I've been thinking of building a phasing receiver for my next project. In keeping with my demented hybridism, it'll need at least one thermatron :-)

    73 de N8NM

  3. That's very nice Bill. I'm still inching my way along on the Let's Build Somethig rig, but I see a phasing radio in my future. I don't get a lot of time at the bench but I really appreciate the insiration you and Pete provide.

  4. Drool..its this or the Simpleceiver. Hard to decide, so best to build both? Hmmm

    Ed KC8SBV

  5. Fabulous! Just fabulous! which circuit did you use? Was the audio we heard from a speaker on the receiver? What's your audio amp like?

    1. 95% from the Jan 1993 QST R2 schematic. The audio you were listening to was from the speaker. I deviated from Rick's circuit at the final AF amp -- I wimped out and went with an LM386 (low gain mode). I have built the more complex discrete amp from his circuit and will give it a try. I'm also planning to swap out the the AD9850 and put in an Si5351 VFO (one output only to a Flip Flop I Q generator). This should allow me to cover 160 through 6 meters.

  6. Bill please help me build this "binaural" direct rec. Im learning morse right now soon ill qrss from argentina. Going the diy way for all my rig. Transmitter will be Ultimate 3S. Gb@alivecinema.org Help!

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  8. Hey Bill, I really enjoyed seeing your R2 youtube video. But, could you do us a favor? Can you record the radio's audio in stereo so we can hear what the binaural sounds like as you tune around?

    Tnx & 73


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