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Friday, January 1, 2016

A SolderSmoke Holiday Charity Appeal -- Help Elisa help little Gonzalo!

We are going "off topic" for a moment, for a good cause.  Listeners to the podcast will have heard about my wife Elisa's strong connections to her home country, the Dominican Republic.  The new year finds Elisa trying to help a Dominican cousin who has a very sick little boy.  Details below.  All contributions large or small from the SolderSmoke community would be gratefully received.  Just click on the link to make a contribution.  And please consider forwarding this appeal to friends or relatives who might also be willing to help.

My name is Elisa Meara, and I am raising money for my dear cousin Eliana and  her 18 month old baby boy Gonzalo.

The week before Christmas Eliana and her husband Pedro were happily preparing to celebrate the festivities with their only child Gonzalo. This was Gonzalo's second Christmas and the first one he would be aware of.   Gonzalo wasn't feeling well and his pediatrician recommended that he be admitted to the hospital for a few days.  "Just another childhood virus" I am sure Eliana and Pedro thought.

But the morning of the day before Christmas they learned Gonzalo was very ill.  The diagnosis was leukemia.   While the world around them celebrated, they were living every parent's worst nightmare.  Baby Gonzalo needed emergency medical attention to save his life.

On Christmas Eve, trying to give their son the best chance possible, they left their home and families behind in The Dominican Republic to take him to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami for treatment. The morning of Christmas Day he received his first round of chemotherapy. The treatments will continue for the next six to eight months.

Needless to say,  this young and hard-working couple is devastated.  They are trying to do everything they can to help their baby boy.

While they have health insurance, the costs and expenses -especially those associated with living in a foreign city- are growing very quickly. We are hoping to help ease this tremendous heart-ache and suffering with prayers and financial support.

No contribution is too small and every little bit will help.  You can contribute here:

 And please consider forwarding this appeal to friends or relatives who might also be willing to help.

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  1. Bill, thanks for going off topic. Amature radio operators and many others are not just having fun with what they do, they also serve others in times of need. This you have done with the post just as if you were relaying messages during a natural disaster.


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