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Sunday, January 17, 2016


Sometimes I really hate those little boards.  Well, not so  much the board as the IDE.  But now that I've built at least two rigs with the little beasts in them (Of course, I blame Pete), I have the need to occasionally update or re-load software. 

I tried to do just that today.  Downloaded the 1.6.7 version of the IDE.  All kinds of weird difficulties.  The real show stopper is a message that pops up an announced that the IDE comes bundled with Java Runtime, but the bundle is missing or corrupted.  No suggestion re what to do...

A visit to the Arduino blog brings no relief.   There ARE lots of messages from others suffering from this problem.  And acknowledgements from Arduino people that the problem exists.  But no solutions.  Any suggestions?    Or should I just retro-fit LC VFOs or VXOs? 

I seem to go through some version of this every time I try to use an Arduino.

73  Bill  


  1. Don't dabble there myself, but from garnered comments the solution seems to be: Never remove your old IDE. Treat the new one as an option (don't upgrade, clean-install) to be explored until proven worthy.
    It seems also that different IDEs work with different Arduinos.

  2. Hi Bill,

    Dex is right -- go back to 1.6.3 and it should work. It is like buying the latest Yaesu --- just because it is newer doesn't mean it is better. I typically use 1.0.5 and am a happy camper. 1.6.3 will work but there are some library problems.

  3. Hi Bill,
    You and Pete should check out the TI Launchpad and its Energia IDE. It is like the Arduino but uses less power for battery powered projects.
    Jim - WG9J


  4. You could try manually installing the Java Runtime Environment, which you can download here:
    (src: https://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp)

    Its a bit more complicated, but you could try looking into the various arduino makefile projects. That would let you use a real IDE.

    good luck getting it sorted out.

    Greg - VK1VXG

  5. Just download an older version. Sometimes bugs happen. You don't need the latest version.

    Just be careful - what Pete is saying that he uses 1.0.5 - that is an ancient version that many libraries will have problems with (the APIs have evolved over time). Get one of the 1.6.x series and you should be fine.

  6. Bill I work as a tech on robotic milking machines in the dairy industry, and of course modern industry seems to think that a milking machine needs an SQL database and server etc.
    Whenever we get a new version of software, we don't update it unless we NEED to. So sometimes we don't want to be the bleeding edge, just close to the leading edge :)

    Happy molten solder
    Jesse - KD0ZBY


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