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Sunday, February 28, 2016

75 and 40 Meter AM on my HQ-100 (Videos) + Digital Display

And here is how I sample the oscillator frequency for the digital counter.  I use an old trick:  I wrap some wire around the oscillator or mixer tube.  I made the coil out of an old coil form. I had to play around with the number of turns to get suitable pickup on both 160 and 40 meters.  The San Jian board allows for IF freq offset.  I use a similar arrangement on the transmit side with the DX-100.  By the way, the box that houses the two displays is the carcass of one of the Heath QF-1 Q multipliers from which I heartlessly pulled the nice reduction drive variable caps for use in my BITX rigs.  

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  1. AAAGH, blue LEDS!! ;) Our friends in China need to come up with LED Displays that mimic the color of Nixies. Nice work, HQ-100 sounds great, and I'm insanely jealous of how quiet and QRN-free your QTH is!!


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