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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Single Sideband + Carrier -- The Collins KWS-1

Back on 2 February I was on 160 AM with the DX-100, talking to WA4PGI.  At the end of our QSO we got a call from a station.  I was at first confused -- was this station calling on SSB?  Or was he calling on AM?   Turns out that he was -- in a way -- on BOTH.  K4DBK was -- I think -- running an old Collins KWS-1, the transmit side of the famous Gold Dust Twins.  Aptly named:  It was built in 1955. 1000 watts output.  $2095.00 in 1955.  Gold dust indeed.  

The really interesting thing about this rig was that it put out CW, SSB and SSB plus the carrier.  I think that was what we were hearing from K4DBK.  FB.   

Does anyone have an e-mail address for K4DBK?  I'd like to drop him a line.

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