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Thursday, February 25, 2016

"Hot Iron" New Issue, Great Articles

I was very pleased to find Tim Walford's "Hot Iron" journal in my e-mail this morning.  Lots of great articles in this edition, including one by a fellow we know:  Pete Juliano!  Pete writes about our esteemed dual gate MOSFETS.  All hail the 40673!  There is also a nice article about superhet receivers using a 6 MHz IF and a very convenient analog LC (yea!) oscillator arrangement.  Another discusses how to use Huff and Puff stabilizers to take care of VFO drift. N4HAY describes his initial foray into the world of homebrewing and how EMRFD helped him.

Hot Iron is free.  Tim writes:  

"Hot Iron is published by Tim Walford G3PCJ of Walford Electronics Ltd. for members of the Construction Club. It is a quarterly newsletter, distributed by e mail, and is free to those who have asked for it. Just let me know you would like it by e mailing me at electronics@walfords.net"

Thanks Tim!

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