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Monday, February 15, 2016

Snowed In! Audio Mods on the Hammarlund HQ-100

It is snowing here today, so I am stuck in the hamshack.  YEA!

I've had the Hammarlund HQ-100 receiver on the bench because I am building an outboard digital frequency readout for it and for the DX-100.  More on this later.  But as long as I had it on the bench I decided to do a mod to the audio output that has LONG been needed.  

Here is a nice web page that describes the problem and the solution.  The problem is the "Auto Response audio output circuit" touted in the add up above.  Essentially I had to remove the touted circuitry.  The AutoResponseectomy only took me about 15 minutes and the results are quite noticeable.  The old receiver sounds a lot nicer.  I'm listening to 40 meter AM now.  FB.

Here is the page:

The HQ-100 does indeed have "three dimensional beauty."

1 comment:

  1. It does look right doesn't it. You can almost smell the dust on the hot tubes and the heady waft of pipe tobacco!

    Enjoy your forced day off in the shack.

    De Andy


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