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Sunday, February 14, 2016

"QSO Today" Podcast Interview with Michael Rainey AA1TJ


Eric 4Z1UG has a really great interview with Michael AA1TJ:

I listened to it as I aligned my HQ-100 receiver and worked on a digital frequency readout for the old receiver.   The interview was the perfect accompaniment for such a project.  Inspirational stuff.  Lots of great info on QRPp and homebrewing.  Mike talks about some of his more famous rigs including the voice-powered New England Code Talker (pictured above).  

I loved the story of Michael carting his DX-100 home in a wagon.  And I really sympathized when he described the harsh reaction of the phone operator to his early efforts at voice modulation.

Strongly recommended!   You won't be disappointed.  Great interview.  Thanks to Eric and Mike.

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