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Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Really Nice Project: Farhan's BITX40 Module

Wow, that board is a thing of beauty.   And the story behind it is even more beautiful. Our friend Farhan took his famous BITX circuit, shifted it to 40 meters, and put the whole thing on one small board. It is now a module, but a module that makes up an entire SSB transceiver.  The idea is that this module can provide a base for expansion and experimentation.   You can add a digital display.  Or a (gasp!) digital VFO.  Or an RF amplifier.  Or more bands.  Or all of the above.  It is a very cool idea.

Here is the most beautiful part:  In an effort to help people who need help, Farhan has arranged for a collective of women to assemble the boards in their homes. They needed work, and Farhan gave it to them on good terms.  Bravo Farhan!

In keeping with the earliest purpose of the BITX rigs (simple transceiver for Indian radio amateurs) this board is currently only available in India.  

Check out the site:

The circuit description is especially good:

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