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Sunday, June 19, 2016

An Excellent Morning at the Manassas, Virginia Hamfest

I was quite pleased with the valuable items obtained at the Manassas Virginia Hamfest this morning.  Armand WA1UQO and I once again combined forces, offering each other advice and counsel (NO!   Forget it!) as we went through the flea market. 

Above you can see what I got:
TOP ROW: 1)  A bunch of boxes.  Nice aluminum boxes and two really good chassis.  I may now have to build something with thermatrons.   Armand gave me a really nice Ten-Tec box.  Thanks Armand!
MIDDLE ROW 2)  Ten much needed coax patch cords.  I promise to check the connections before using them.  Really.  I mean it this time. 
3)  A nice circular coax switch.
4) Two large hemostats.  I told the woman I needed them for some surgery that I'd be performing later in the day.  She was not amused.
5) A homebrew SWR Monimatch box.  Amazing.  Dennis Klipa and I have been talking about these, so I bought this homebrew version.
6) Nice Jackson Brothers reduction drive with tuning indicator. 
7) Really nice variable cap.
8)  Three crystals: two for 3.579 MHz CBLA work, the other for 40 meter phone.
9) Forehead "coalminer" lamp
10)  Some PC boards.
BOTTOM ROW 11) LARGE box of 455 kc IF transformers

As we were making the rounds we ran into Charles AI4OT.  On the tailgate of his truck Charles had a BITX20 in operation!  You can see it in the picture.  Great to see you Charles and FB on the BITX.

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