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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Excitatation! The Inspiring Knack Story of N3IC

Steve Silverman sent me this link.  This web site has been getting a lot of attention from the solder melting community.  And justifiably so.    Behold (above) the first transmitter built by Robert Glaser,  now N3IC, circa May 1969. The chassis and front panel were made from flimsy printing press sheet metal.  Note the key (as in lock and key) switch that the OM put on the front panel -- he took his responsibilities under FCC regs quite seriously.   My favorite part of this rig's story is that when he got it done, he didn't have the two 6146s for the final.  So he just took a capacitor and used it to connect the driver tube to the output network. Brilliant!  With that arrangement he made his first contact.  No wonder he labeled it "Excitatation!"  It was clearly more exciting than your standard excitation.  

Those TV power transformers look very familiar.  I was using similar devices to build a power supply for an HW-32A a few years after Dr. Glaser built this rig.  It's a wonder we survived.

FB.   Check out his site.  It is a wonderful catalog of all the stuff this very prolific builder has made over the years:

Ham project here:

A broader range of projects here:


  1. I saw that yesterday, and I'm glad you posted it here - this guy deserves some appreciation. He started in 3rd grade! The awesome thing of it is: he put a chronological LIST of all the projects. It's a life's work:


    Mike Y, KM5Z
    Dallas, Texas

  2. Great link!

    Thank you,
    Bill N5AB


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