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Sunday, June 26, 2016

NASA'S New Mars Recruiting Posters

Artist's concept of an astronaut pointing to the viewer with Earth, the Moon, and Mars in the sky. It is a more peaceful version of the World War I and World War II posters of Uncle Sam pointing to recruits with the slogan 'I want you.'

More like this one here:


Doesn't this fabulous artwork remind you of the 1950-60's era and the intense interest we all had in space and spacemen?

I recall there was so much inspiring artwork showing men in spacesuits, even though at the time it was before we had put men in obit around the earth never mind set foot on our moon. Packets of breakfast cereal came with plastic model spacemen and rockets.

It struck me that amateur radio will play a huge part for those who venture to Mars and Phobos, as they will need the type of people who have the practical abilities to improvise and repair equipment while severely restricted in the availability of spare parts.

NASA should do a poster showing an intrepid Mars Soldersmoker with his workbench with some piece of electronic equipment in pieces.
David GM4JJJ


Jeff K1NSS? 

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