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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Re-purposed Computer Power Supply Box Provides a Home for a BITX Transceiver

Jaydip VU3JOJ came up with a really inventive way to box up his new BITX transceiver.  Nicely done. I especially like the way he put the speaker  in the space intended for the fan. Very nice.

This appears to be one of the new BITX 40 meter "modules" described in yesterday's blog post.  FB!  How fortunate the new board fits in the power supply boxes.  That's very lucky.

You know, I had an old computer power supply in my hand  just yesterday.  I almost threw it out.  Obviously that would have been a mistake.

Today was a BITX day.  Using my BITX DIGI-TIA on 40 I had a long QSO with Rich N3TDE.  Rich has a BIT20 built from a Hendricks kit acquired at Dayton.  He takes it with him on the Appalachian Trail.  


  1. I've recycled a few of these into enclosures for different projects. Make front and rear panels from aluminum sheet or PCB material, give it a coat of paint and nobody will know what it started as!

    They're also my favorite source for hook-up wire and heat sinks.

    73 - Steve N8NM

  2. Great stuff. Makes it possible to have a BITX for all the amateur bands that you like to work on. Like the recycling of wire - do the same here. Lots of nice bits inside the PSU too.

  3. It's funny, I was at Dayton and told one of the tailgaters that I was looking for a box for a rig. He grabbed one of those computer power supplies and said, "Here's a box for ya!" I thought he was just being a smart ass but I guess not, haha.

  4. The enclosure idea is great. I'm sure I have several PSU's waiting to be recycled.

    73's AC9JQ


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