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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Bob Crane Interviews Eric Schwartz of Elecraft About the New KX2 (with Si5351!)

Our ace correspondent Bob Crane W8SX caught up with Eric Schwartz WA6HHQ of Elecraft at the FDIM event n Dayton last month.    Here is Bob's interview with Eric:  


Pete and I were very pleased to see that Elecraft made use of our beloved Si5351 chip in their amazing new KX2 rig.   Check it out:

You can click on the diagram or see it directly on page 62 of the manual at this site:

Here's the KX2:

Three cheers for Elecraft!  Three cheers for Bob Crane! 


  1. The mp3 link appears to be bad.

  2. The mp3 link appears to be bad.

  3. URL's on *nix systems are generally case sensitive. http://soldersmoke.com/WA6HHQ.mp3 seems to work :)

  4. Note bi-directional [amps? ZIAs? or just switching?] either side of the bandpass.

  5. Switches. Just found how to zoom the pdf.

  6. 3 Cheers for Elecraft! Those guys are amazing. Can't wait to hear what the illuminati have to say about the choice of the Si5351. Then again two years ago I said it was "good enough" ...


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