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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Useful Boards From Whole Foods

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that this chain of stores is sometimes referred to as "America's Temple of Pseudo-Science" but I just don't seem to find a lot of radio-useful stuff in Whole Foods.   However, at the check-out stand this week something caught my eye:  Grilling Planks!  Who knew?   Apparently you soak these boards ("Sustainably Produced in the Pacific Northwest - USA") in water, then you grill your food on them.  They are available in various wood types -- above you can see Cedar and Hickory.  I put the Altoids can in there for a size reference. These grilling planks seem well suited to serve as breadboard-style chassis, front panels  or even cabinets for homebrew rigs.  


  1. Before being used for with a project, should the planks be appropriately distressed with solder, an iron, or other appropriate device to assure their fitness for the project? What is needed to add some mojo to the wood to help the project be successful?

  2. No special treatment needed David. Because they were intended for use in cooking, these planks are covered by the rules for breadboard mojo.

    1. Agreed. Shep, Schwartz, Bollis and Wolfgang Puck would all approve, tho the XYL may not. Such is the life of the intrepid homebrewer.

  3. I believe these stores are also known as "Whole Paycheck" for reasons that become obvious when you reach the check-out.

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