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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

JH8SST Build's Pete's Simpleceiver (video)

Jun JH8SST made this nice video about his version of Pete Juliano's Simpleceiver.   I like the approach of putting the stages on separate boards, but perhaps Jun could have made things easier by using Manhattan-style construction on those boards.  And of course I like the breadboard-style aluminum sheet.  FB Jun.  

Jun writes:

I've built a simpleceiver, which is a modified version.   My first main board didn't work because of several problems, and that's why I decided to divide the board into several separated PCB's with some circuit modifications.
RF and Mixer stages are original, but I employed an 8pole 9MHz ladder Xtal filter.   The J310 X 2 is used in IF amplifiers, but load resonant circuit is modified to use a type 10K coil form and a ceramic capacitor.
J310 product detector is original and built on a tiny PCB, as shown in attached photo and YouTube Video.
This modified Simpleceiver has high sensitivity and more than enough gain. I needed to reduce RF/IF gain to eliminate product detector distortion caused by stronger signals.
This simpleceiver works really nicely.
I'm going to re-modify it to make it as original as possible.
The block diagram is:  J310X2 RF-DBM-9MHz 8 pole X'tal Filter-J310X2 IF-J310X2 IF-J310 product detector-AF μA741-AF LM380 with NFB.
I'm going to re-modify it as:  J310X2 RF-DBM-J310X2 IF-12MHz 4 pole X'tal Filter-J310X2 IF-J310 product detector-AF μA741-AF LM380 with NFB.
I'm also going to add an AGC system using a modified W1FB AGC circuit.

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