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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

WU2D's Wonderful Video on Retro-QRP

(Link to video appears below.)

Stephen G7VFY sent me the link to Mike WU2D's Retro-QRP video.  In the last month spoken to Mike at least twice on 40 and 75 meter AM.  Stephen was responding to a post I did about a 1958 18 milliwatt solid state QRP rig.

Mike's video is really wonderful.  I've never been into military surplus, but this video made me think I might want an ARC-5. The rig Mike builds and tests is very similar to our beloved Michigan Mighty Mite. His description of the build and the testing procedures he used will be of great interest to those who've built the MMM rigs.  And he made some contacts.  Finally, there is a cameo appearance by Paris Hilton.  And she is holding a HOT transistor!  Wow!  

Mike has a real talent for making these kinds of videos. Thanks a lot Mike -- see you on 40.  And thanks Stephen (Stephen has sent us so much great stuff over the years, including a fantastic box of British valves.)   Pete:  See how nice it is to get back to QRP?

Here's Mike's YouTube Channel. I love the intro:


  1. Bill,
    I see I'll have to send you some 50c5's or HL92 for a one tube/valve CW or AM transmitter



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