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Monday, June 27, 2016

SolderSmoke HQ Station WINS Field Day! Again!

First, I need to make clear that that is NOT me in the picture above.  This year I chose to compete as an "E" station:  "At home, with the air conditioner on, but using a battery instead of the normal AC poser supply."  This is, of course, only one step from the bottom on the laziness scale -- I did hook up the 12 volt gel-cell.

But I made up for it with an unusually large dose Knack-ness.   I used my BITX Digi-Zia scratch-built homebrew SSB transceiver.  So, with my whopping 11 contacts I feel confident that I won the "1E Homebrew SSB Transceiver, Northern Virginia" category.    


  1. Congrats Bill on the 11 contacts. I managed to get 1 with my LBS rig. Tried for more but was happy with the 1. At least for now.

    73, Peter

    1. Wow Peter, I didn't realize I had competition in the homebrew SSB category! FB!


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